As a work-from-home mom of two very active little people, I am constantly on the lookout for activities and ideas to occupy my two enquiring minds. My 3-year-old son is a confident go-getter and the complete opposite of his 6-year-old sister who is more of an introvert and a gentle, creative soul. Finding something that they both enjoy is quite rare, so when I stumbled upon Busy Bean on Facebook, I knew that we simply had to give them a try.


Instead of plastic toys and figurines that simply end up gathering dust in a toy box somewhere, Busy Bean offers a great range of educational activities for young kids that come in buckets or bags for easy storage.

Each Busy Bag contains six educational activities aimed at kids between 2 and 6 years of age. Along with each activity, we received a sheet with a few ideas for use, but the thing I love most about the Busy Bag is that the activities can be adapted to suit your kids at different developmental levels. Your child can, therefore, learn a new skill, excel at the given skill, and then figure out a new way to reinvent the activity. It’s hours of fun and learning guaranteed!

The activities include counter blocks for counting and following patterns; a threading shape activity; a felt train and shape sorter game; a dizzy disc construction kit; caterpillar pompoms with tweezers to help little ones develop fine motor skills; and five laminated tracing sheets that come with a whiteboard marker and eraser for continued use!

Naturally, my kids were drawn to their favourite educational activities and they quickly made their way through the entire pack in record time. But instead of placing the kit on the shelf with all of their other toys, they kept coming up with new ways to use the different items included in the bag. This was a big win for a busy momma! And I’m suddenly feeling a lot less guilty for not always having a homework plan after school.

Besides different ideas for play, each activity sheet also shares the different skills that your child will learn while busy. Things like imaginative play, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, focus and reasoning are among the many skills at work here.

The other cool thing about this kit is that it allows for easy storage in a flat folder and each activity is individually packed in a reusable plastic bag. Easy peasy to whip out during a lengthy car trip or when you need to revise a new skill!


We love our Busy Bag so much that we simply have to share the joy of this kit with one of you. All you have to do is like my Facebook page and the competition post on Facebook, tag a fellow tired mom of toddlers who could use this amazing kit and share the love!


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*Winner will be announced on 31 May 2018.




10 thoughts on “Win! The Busy Bag for Busy Little Bodies + A Review…

  1. Oh my – my kids would love this . . . my toddlar loves teaching her baby brother new things! This would give us hours and hours of quality time and fun! xx


  2. I would love to win this awesome little hamper for my busy toddler who is in his development an exploring stage of life this will most definitely promote fine motor skills.


  3. i would love to win i have a very busy little 2 year old so this will sure keep him busy for a while and he loves educational things


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