When you start a business, or better yet, take the leap to get your website off the ground, there are quite a few things you need to consider to make both your business and your website work for you. You may have heard the term ‘SEO’ being thrown around before, but what does it mean, how does it work, and more importantly, how can it help you do business better?

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Let’s take a closer look at SEO and how this can work to improve your website ranking…

What is it exactly? Well, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation relates to how well your website is ranked or made visible through search engines such as Google or Yahoo. If you have a great new website, but no one can find it when they are searching for a business just like yours, then this could pose a serious problem. SEO is making the most of your website so that it can be found online, which in turn, should drive traffic, and hopefully business, back to you!

So what can you do to make SEO work for you? Here are a few tips to help you write for SEO and make the most of your website:

  • Content is king. Stale, outdated content does not do well for SEO. You need to keep updating your website with fresh new content all the time. How often? As often as you can. Search engines respond really well to fresh original content posted regularly. Be consistent and make great content a priority.
  • Spelling and grammar are essential. Stand out as a source of quality information with superior content creation. This means that your spelling and grammar need to be top notch. My advice, however biased it may seem, is to hire a copywriter. Not only will you be guaranteed of good quality, original content, but copywriters are experienced professionals who know what it takes to create great copy that can add value to your website. Great content will certainly count in your favour when it comes to SEO too!
  • Keywords are important. When writing content for your blog or website be sure to include relevant SEO keywords that will help you get noticed by people looking for your product or service online. You need to think like the person who will be searching for you through Google. Consider the terms that the average user would type into Google in order to find you. Jot these terms down and use them as keywords in your next blog post or website content update.
  • Carefully consider keyword placement. Be sure to place your SEO keywords throughout your text including in headings, image descriptions, sub-headings and naturally throughout your text. You want these keywords to be present but not so obvious that they overwhelm your reader.
  • Create useful links and backlinks to your content. Providing links to other quality websites and online articles will help to build your credibility and improve your SEO rankings. When writing content, be sure to add backlinks to your previous work and share your posts with those who would love to link to your own website. Consider guest blogging and be open to interviews with others who will then post your information on their site and link this back to you.

If you’re hoping to create a credible online presence, be sure to invest some time in developing the SEO of your website. Make your website work for you and get noticed online so you can grow your business.

If you’re looking for other great writing tips and resources for entrepreneurs, be sure to follow this blog and contact me if you’re looking to hire a copywriter.

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