We all have dreams of a spacious and beautifully constructed entertainer’s kitchen. In reality, however, we may have to make do with smaller functional spaces that are more befitting to our modern lifestyles.

If you’d seen my very first kitchen as a young married woman, you’d understand that I was forced to implement a number of hacks to make the space work for us. It was so small that I remember having to use the tin opener in the living room because, well, there was only one plug point in the entire kitchen! Needless to say that only one person could be in that kitchen at a time!

I have since upgraded to a bigger kitchen that serves my growing family but I want to share some creative tips with you to help you maximise your own kitchen, especially if storage is a real issue…

  • Keep the floors and countertops of your kitchen clear and uncluttered. This will help to make the room appear bigger than it actually is.
  • If you have any available wall space, use this to mount pots, pans and other kitchen utensils for easy access.
  • Over-door hooks are perfect for hanging dish towels, oven mitts and other necessities.
  • Under-cupboard hanging baskets also provide additional storage without limiting your available counter space.
  • Free up even more countertop space by installing an oversized chopping board over the top of your kitchen sink. This will instantly add to your preparation space and can also be used to cover up any unsightly dishes.

One of the most underused spaces in the kitchen happens to be the kitchen sink cupboard. With a little organisation you can quickly maximise this space. Yes it may be an awkward shape and size, but add in a few containers and hooks and use the space wisely!

  • A simple pocket organizer can be hung on the inside of the door to create the ideal storage for all of your household chemicals and cleaning products.
  • Small shelves, plastic stacking containers or even wire racks can now be used inside the cabinet to house any other kitchen equipment.

No space for a bulky spice rack? No problem. Apply a magnetic strip on the back of any small glass containers, easily purchased at most thrift stores. Fill these with your favourite spices and arrange on your refrigerator door for quick access.

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With a little bit of love and organisation, you can make the most of your tiny kitchen.

*If you are in search of more interior decor advice and trends, I am the creative writer over at Marcia Loves It.  Follow the blog for your daily dose of decor inspiration. 

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