I remember that Spring afternoon in October 2008 like it was yesterday. It was a cloudless day in Stellenbosch, much like today. All of our friends and family had gathered in the church in the centre of town to celebrate our union. 

A little anxious, a little excited… emotions kept tumbling through my head until I walked down the aisle. I don’t remember much about the church service or the rest of that amazing afternoon, but I do remember that walk… the one down the aisle to meet my groom. One look at his face and I could tell that he too was battling to keep all emotion at bay. He had tears in his eyes as he shook the hand of my grandad and took my arm as we turned to face the congregation. At that point, all emotion subsided. Everything suddenly felt perfectly right.

Today marks 10 years of marriage to my best friend – and what an amazing adventure it has been. No, it hasn’t all been easy, but it certainly has always felt ‘perfectly right’. And there is no other place I would rather be than at this milestone with my favourite person in the whole world.

Marriage is a constant work in progress – one that needs to be prioritized in order for it to thrive. Each day we need to choose to love, honour and serve our spouse. Each day we need to remain committed, putting our own selfish ambitions aside to focus on the team – the ‘two’ who have become one. And each day is a beautiful reminder of the promises we share.

Marriage the way God intended is a magical thing. A God-ordained thing. And when we commit to marriage from the very start, we choose life in abundance with our spouse.

I’ve decided to share a few of my favourite photographs from our wedding day, captured by the amazingly talented Mark Engelbrecht. I also want to honour my darling husband on his 36th birthday – yes we were married on his birthday! Happy birthday my love, and thanks for choosing me every day!

I’ll be writing an article for The Christian Lifestyle Magazine on ‘Loving Your Spouse on Purpose’  – be sure not to miss it in the next issue, out January 2019.

TA 190

TA 373.jpg

TA 452.jpg

TA 461.jpg

TA 618.jpg

TA 778.jpg




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