Some call it luck or good planning, but if you ask me, I would have totally avoided this chaotic week of constant celebration if given the choice. But alas, it’s just how things turned out.

Once a year, my home is abuzz with party planning, crafts, cakes and so much more. You see, the very last week of the year is the craziest season in our lives as we celebrate not only Christmas and New Year but also both (yes both) of our children’s birthdays.

So, on 30 December, and then again on 2 January, we celebrate our kids’ birthdays and each year we have successfully planned and executed a combined – neutral – birthday, despite them being three years apart and opposite genders.

This year is no different as we gear up for an Arty Party of note. Think colourful decor, a craft table and cupcake decorating for 20 kids. 

Our home is often turned upside down, but the smiles, laughter and blessings of this combined birthday celebration is something we will always treasure. As the kids age and demand their own individual celebrations, we will need to adapt and change things up, but for now, we’re getting ready for another spectacular birthday bash at home.

Some Arty Party ideas I want to incorporate this year:

  • Cupcake crafts: I’ve decided to give each child their own cupcake to decorate as they please. We will be putting out a miniature art tray per table with sprinkles, cookies and edible glitter so each child can create their own edible masterpiece.
  •  A craft table: This is always a winner with toddlers as kids get to express themselves and colour in pre-printed pages according to the theme. We’re also planning to fill our craft table with stickers, glue, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and everything else little hands will need to get creative.
  • Colour-in stickers: I found some cool craft stickers which can be pasted on a table top, wall or floor. These are sold by the metre and would be a great addition to an Arty Party.
  • Rainbow decor. The great thing about an Arty Party is that you’re not limited to certain colours. The more the merrier! Think rainbow streamers, multi-coloured balloons and polkadots everywhere.
  • Mini Easels. Using sucker sticks, the plan is to create mini easels as table decor. This can be used to display photographs of the birthday boy and girl, or as a backdrop for food labels.
  • Big party craft. I’m hoping to purchase a big canvas and some colourful paints that the kids can use to create their own handprints and signatures as a memento of the day. 
  • The cake. Instead of a fancy fondant cake, I’ve decided to keep it simple this year with a home-baked beer box cake decorated in… you guessed it… rainbow colours with some of the kids’ favourite sweets.
  • Party food. Bright coloured food would certainly fit the theme and this doesn’t just mean sugary treats and dyed junk food. In fact, nature is a great source of fresh colourful edibles. I’m thinking of creating a bright and healthy platter of fruits and cut up veg with a few dips as a snack for the adults.

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