Black is bold and beautiful and I’m totally in love with this dark hue in my home. There are so many interesting things that you can paint black for a totally fresh and inspired interior – from bold light fittings and stairs to a dramatic bathroom ceiling or statement door.

Here are just a few ideas of things you can paint black!

Shut The Front Door!

Paint the front door black and make a bold statement that the entire street with envy! You can also paint your interior doors black for a striking tone leading from one room to the next. And finally, upgrade your garage doors with a lick of black paint for a more modern and vibrant finish!

Stylish Stairs!

If you have an internal staircase that needs some TLC, why not paint it black. Better yet, tile it with beautiful black slate tiles and let the timeless elegance of this colour bring new life to a tired stairwell!

Closets – inside and out!

Bring a touch of class to your bedroom and paint old cupboard doors in a striking black tone to give your closet a new look. Alternatively go with an open layout and paint the inside cabinets black for a totally mod look! It will certainly add a new flair to your bedroom!

Kitchen Cabinets!

Go for a contemporary finish with black painted kitchen cabinets. Better yet, why not paint just the bottom or top cabinets in black and the other set in a matching or contrasting tone to bring some balance to this space.

A Statement Ceiling!

Black is mesmerising and how gorgeous would it be to paint this tone on a statement ceiling in your home! I’m tempted to add it the en-suite bathroom ceiling but black could work in a study, man cave or entryway!

* I have the privilege of working with the amazing team from SA Decor and Design – The Buyer’s Guide. Check out their blog for the latest industry trends.

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