I’m a creative at heart – and when it comes to my home, I love finding new gadgets and DIY projects to add some colour and character to my space.

Here are some really awesome products I’ve incorporated into my home over the past season…

Polaroid Prints

Let’s face it. We live in a digital world. We capture every moment with a simple click on a smartphone – selfies, family excursions and even our fancy plates of food. But we never print the photographs. Why oh why! Most remain stored on our phones and cameras and are sadly forgotten.

This is why I love companies like Nifty250 where you can simply select your favourite pics from your social media accounts, print them out and have them delivered to your door. My Nifty250 prints can be found all around my house, from my bedroom to the wall above my home office desk. A constant reminder of good times and happy memories with my family – and an instant mood booster in every space!

Clever Under-Shelf Storage

Under-shelf baskets are great in the kitchen, bathroom and even the bedroom.

I absolutely love innovative storage ideas that keep all the clutter at bay. I found these inexpensive under-counter wire storage baskets at my local hardware store and this has become a game-changer in my house. We use it everywhere – from the pantry cupboard to store my collection of teas, to the bedroom where my son’s socks are neatly stowed away under his conventional shelves. Less clutter means a happier mom!

Games That Double As Décor

Noughts and Crosses – from Mr Price Home; Gorgeous ceramic planter from Selah Ceramics;

Functional décor is always a fun element in the overall design of your space. I found this set of wooden noughts and crosses over at Mr Price Home. It doubles as a stylish décor accent on a side table in my living room… and it also works as a quick boredom buster when the kids arrive home from school.


Nothing quite beats fresh greenery in interior design. Beautiful terrariums are like magical miniature fairy gardens and I love that you can hang these in your favourite spot and enjoy them indoors all year-round. Greenery is another instant mood lifter in the home.

Scratch Maps

If you love to travel, then a nifty scratch map is a great way to record all the places you’ve been. There is quite a variety on the market today – I found this one online over at Takealot and I love that it has a matt black background which suits a modern interior.

Wooden Crates

How cool is this rustic drinks corner featuring a simple crate as storage.

Crates are super inexpensive and versatile. Use them to store your bathroom towels, books and more – in any room. I’ve purchased a few recycled cooldrink crates which we use as toy storage in the kids’ playroom. It’s simple, stylish and easy to maintain. The beauty of using crates is that you can also stack them and create your own unique storage installation.

Chalk Paint

I’m always inspired by the use of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and how creatives are using this simple application to transform and revamp old furniture. I’m no expert in the art of painting furniture, but Chalk Paint really makes it easy. I decided to paint our old wooden linen closet in a distressed cream Chalk Paint tone and I totally love the end result. Simply wax it for a more finished look… and voila… it feels like a whole new piece of furniture in our home.

Fairy Lights

A fairy light lantern – functional and easy to make.

Fairy lights should not be kept for kiddie birthday parties alone. I love that it adds a little magic in any room. Stringed fairy lights are great for highlighting art, illuminating a child’s bedroom or creating your very own sparkly lantern. Why not give it a try!

Personalised Art

The Yellow Door Art Studio – Paint & Pino evening – the end result – ‘CUPS’.

I love painting and creating my own art. In fact, I believe painting is good for the soul. Creating your own masterpiece need not be expensive or overly challenging. This is why I love planned paint evenings where you can gather with your girlfriends and create something special under the direction of a professional painter. I’ve attended a few Yaymaker events and they never disappoint. Here you get to create art from scratch with step by step instructions from a pro. The end result is always spectacular and they’ve gone virtual during this time of Covid-19 so you can do a class from the comfort of your home. I’ve also visited my local art studio – Yellow Door Studio in Brackenfell, Cape Town, where I could simply unleash my creative side while enjoying a casual evening of drinks with friends. A great social event – and the bonus is that you get to take your creation home at the end of the night.

Create A Coffee Nook

We all know about book nooks and reading nooks, but what about a dedicated spot to prepare and enjoy your coffee? Coffee nooks are now all the rage and this can be as simple or over-the-top as you would like. I’m thinking a simple shelf and stool, and a space to store all your coffee-related goods… and you’ll be all set as the perfect start. Have a look at these stylish ideas on Pinterest for more inspiration.

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