23 April is World Book Day and if you haven’t yet guessed it, we love everything about books… The smell of aged paper, the feel of the printed page between your fingertips… Books are fabulous and we need to do more to protect both the art of writing and the history that books have to offer us in the world today.

Here are a few ways you can foster a love of reading in your own home and celebrate World Book Day…

#1: Visit Your Local Library

The local library is a hidden resource for many. Foster a love for reading by introducing your family to the library from a young age. Here you’ll have access to a whole world of interesting tales and your children will also learn about how to properly take care of books. Going to the library can quickly become a very special excursion for everyone. Find out about local libraries in your area – they often plan special events and holiday programmes for the kids too.

#2: Join A Book Club

Start your own book club with friends or join an established group with likeminded folk. Here you can invest time in reading a great book and sharing your thoughts with others. It’s a great way to meet new people who love books just as much as you do!

#3: Add a ‘Reading Night’ to Your Schedule

Create a dedicated time for reading each week and ensure that every member of your family takes part in the action. How? Once a week, establish a set routine where you have to read quietly and undisturbed for a certain length of time. If you have young kids who can’t read, you could set aside time to read to them aloud and enjoy family reading sessions together.

#4: Keep a Journal or Write Your Own Book

Get the kids involved and let them keep a daily journal to promote writing and learning at home. You could even pen down your own thoughts or invest some time and write a book of your very own. There are many self-publishing tools available online if you would like to take your story to the world.

#5: Follow A Read Aloud Website

The internet is an amazing resource, even for book lovers. Sites like Storyline Online streams videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations. It’s a fun and interactive way to listen to a story and watch your favourite celeb in action. YouTube is another great option where you’ll find a host of online storybooks for kids read aloud.

#6: Learn a New Language

Find resources online or in your area to learn a new language and up your skills. If you do this as a family, you’ll be able to practice together and acquire books in the new language to train your brain.

#7: Create A Reading Nook At Home

A cosy little corner in your living room or in a special sunny spot can easily become a precious place for reading. Simply add comfortable seating, good lighting and your favourite book – and you’re all set.

#8: Learn A New Word Every Day

Create a ‘word jar’ in which you place strips of paper featuring one new word per strip. Each day, pull out a new word that you learn together as a family. Discuss the meaning of the word and try to use it during the day. This is a great way to grow your vocabulary as a family.

#9: Share Your Favourite Stories

Share your favourite books with your kids and get them excited about reading too.

#10: Find Book-Related Activities to Do At Home

Have a book that the whole family loves? Why not do an online search for book-related activities to try with the family. Get crafty and creatively bring the story to life in a new way.

#11: Make Your Own BookMarks

There are so many amazing tutorials online to create your own bookmark. Get the children involved and let them create their very own bookmark that they will be proud to show off to others.

#12: Be A Role Model

Children often learn more by seeing. Read often and make it a part of your family life. Be a role model in how you care for your books and how you prioritize learning. This will have a long-lasting impact in your home.

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