Born Too Soon: Raising Awareness on World Prematurity Day

Pregnancy is a time of celebration; a season marked with hope and the promise of new life. However, each year a staggering 15 million moms face the daunting reality of giving birth prematurely. This month, World Prematurity Day aims to raise awareness

Meditations on The Cross with Ken Costa

Ken Costa is a man of immense influence with over 40 years of investment banking experience. He is a renowned businessman, lecturer, author, and above all, a lover of God and people.

For The Love of African Jazz

As a celebrated local Jazz musician, pastor, and founder of Kaleidoscope Church and Café in Claremont, Glenn Robertson has always had a strong affinity towards authentic South African music and particularly African Jazz.

10 Easy Craft Ideas For The Kids

With the festive season and summer holidays just around the corner, I’ve rounded up a few of our favourite crafts to keep the kids entertained! Try them… and let us know what your kids enjoyed most! By Tamsyn Cornelius

Jewellery That Speaks

This is the story of Kim Atkins, a woman who followed God’s voice in the creation of inspired jewellery to encourage women and empower a community. By Tamsyn Cornelius

This is what 10 years of marriage looks like

I remember that Spring afternoon in October 2008 like it was yesterday. It was a cloudless day in Stellenbosch, much like today. All of our friends and family had gathered in the church in the centre of town to celebrate our union.  A little anxious, a little excited… emotions kept tumbling through my head until…

Door of Hope: Saving Abandoned Babies

There’s a bin in a wall where you can anonymously drop an unwanted baby and give them a second shot at life. Door of Hope in Johannesburg is making a real impact in the lives of abandoned kids!