Togetherhood: Help for the Quirky Kid

The saying is true that you need a village to raise a child. And so, over the past 18 months, I have written numerous parenting articles as a contributing writer over at Togetherhood – the ideal forum for parents of quirky kids.

From Argentina With Love

“You may not have my eyes or smile, but from that very first moment, you had my heart.” Say hello to our next #JewelInHisCrown, Verena Read, an entrepreneur mom who lives and works on her family farm in Malmesbury, Western Cape. By Tamsyn Cornelius As a young Argentinian girl on the cusp of adolescence, the idea…

Grace In The Waiting

  “There’s grace in the journey and joy in the waiting.” Born in Ibadan Nigeria but raised in South Africa, Toyin Oladiran always had great expectations for her life and worked hard to pursue a career as a qualified lawyer. When she married her best friend, Fiyinfolu, she was almost certain that motherhood would come…

Blended – The Family We Choose

Family is what happens when two people fall in love. Meet our next #JewelInHisCrown, Luchae Williams (34), a blogger, accounts manager and mom of four based in Port Elizabeth.

An Advocate for the Rights of Children

“The circumstances we ask God to change are often the circumstances God uses to change us.” Meet Michelle April-Benjamin, a woman making a difference in and out of the Child Justice Court. She is our next #JewelInHisCrown. By Tamsyn Cornelius As the eldest of six children, Michelle grew up on the Cape Flats and spent…

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Angelique Du Toit has faced many challenges in her life but through perseverance and unwavering faith, she pushed on to make her mark in the world as a successful entrepreneur and a loving, committed mother to her children. By Tamsyn Cornelius

To The Working Mother – Raising Babies & Businesses

  This one is for the working mom. I see you. I know how hard it is juggling your dream in one hand while raising your precious babies and carrying the weight of your family in the other. It’s not easy – the choices we as women make. After all, it is the 21st Century…