Tips for updating your CV

I have helped so many amazing individuals update their CVs over the past few years and in the process, I have learned a good few tips and tricks. Here I share some vital info you should most definitely consider before putting yourself into the job market with a CV.

#1: Make a great first impression

An employer will receive and review hundreds of job applications on any given day. Make yours stand out! You literally have a few seconds to make a great first impression so be sure that your CV gets the right attention.

Top tip: Throw out your old Word Doc CV that you’ve been updating since the 90s… and get one custom designed to increase the chances of being seen on a potential employer’s desk.

#2: Your CV is your brand

Your CV is really a sales document – one that is going to sell you as a brand. You may have all the skills in the world, coupled with years of industry experience, but your CV could still be sending the wrong message!

Top tip: Brainstorm some highlights. Add a skills graph and professional profile that speaks to your skills, achievements and goals for the future.

#3: Know what to keep and what to toss

You may have been a prefect at school or your first job was that of a waitress as a student over 15 years ago. Well done! But do these really have any meaning to the employer you are hoping to captivate today? Keep things short, professional and to the point. If it’s not applicable to the job or skills required for your new role, leave it out.

Top tip: Your job responsibilities should not be a list of your daily tasks or a copy and paste of the piece of paper you received when first employed to detail what is expected of you. No! Rather let it communicate the skills you have acquired in your various roles over the years and highlight the key responsibilities that you know would be of interest to the job you are now applying for.

#4: Add some spunk!

Yes, your CV is a just a piece of paper, but it is also so much more! Give a potential employer a glimpse of your personality by including things that will make you stand out from the pack. Whether a headshot photograph, a graph of your skills, or even just a splash of colour done right – your CV needs to be able to be used as a teaser for your skills and personality. If you’re in a creative field, then this cannot be overlooked!

Top tip: I recently got employed as a freelance writer after the employer took one look at my CV. She admits that she didn’t need to see the finer details of what year I qualified or where I went to school. One look is all it took to tell her that I had the creative skills she was looking for to add to her business.

#5: Keep it brief

Instead of inserting endless lists of information, try to break it up into chunkier bits that will create flow in your CV and will be much easier to read. Give each section a stylish header and include things like a timeline of your career or a graph of your achievements or skills.

Top tip: A Great CV should fit on one to two pages… three max if you are in a technical field and need to add technical details to your job descriptions.
If you need a professional CV designed, get in touch by sending me an email. I provide customised CV designs that will most certainly get you a foot in the door!


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