“If you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain.” Angelique Du Toit has faced many challenges in her life but through perseverance and unwavering faith, she pushed on to make her mark in the world as a successful entrepreneur and a loving, committed mother to her children. No wonder then that she is our next #JewelInHisCrown! By Tamsyn Cornelius

At the age of 14, life seemed very bleak for a young Angelique who was forced to leave school and find employment to contribute financially to her family. Having no high-school education, the future was a dark cloud when she first entered the world of employment as an under-age hairdresser’s apprentice. Only an adolescent herself but Angelique was suddenly forced to confront the world as an adult and deal with adult problems.

“Since I had no high school education, and was working underage, my future didn’t seem bright,” she explains. “That was until I was offered the opportunity to enter the wonderful world of direct selling where I didn’t need to be qualified, highly experienced or brilliant of mind. That one decision changed my life in many significant ways.”

In South Africa, countless individuals do not complete their high school education, and unlike Angelique, many feel limited by their choices and life circumstances. Angelique’s journey, however, is one of endurance and soon enough she encountered a Heavenly Father that turned what seemed like a dead-end road into an opportunity to crown her life.

“Big things do start small and what started as a small home-based business opened up a world of travel, life experiences, growth and development, and financial reward. That one decision led to Ernest and I buying one of the most proudly South African direct selling companies, Annique Health and Beauty, where we have been involved for the past 10 years.”

“I encourage people to live with greater purpose, passion and productivity.”

Today at age 54, Angelique is a renowned public speaker, author and business entrepreneur. “As a follow-on from all my key learnings in direct selling, I started my own business in 1999 called Women Arise and I encourage people to live with greater purpose, passion and productivity; shifting minds, shaping hearts and sharing success. I have spoken to multitudes of people at conferences, workshops, training sessions and other events.

Angelique’s message is one of hope – inspiring individuals, and particularly women, to rise above their circumstance and to have faith for a better tomorrow. It is a call to empowerment and choose to live your best life.

Standing Tall in a Falling World is my first book, followed on by What in the world are you waiting for? Both books are proudly published by Struik Christian Media. The third book, Turn it Around, is due for release later this year.”

What in the world are you waiting for_COVER_9781415337714

Angelique is also happily married to Ernest with four adult children (two of her own and two from a beautiful second marriage), namely, Bayley (married to Garreth Benton), Ryde, Claire and Jean-Pierre. She considers motherhood a real privilege and tells us a little bit about her parenting journey…

“Motherhood is a privilege and I would do it all over again.”

“There is no greater wonder or mystery in life than the life of another human being growing within one’s own body. From a minuscule substance to a fully formed person within the confines of a perfectly suitable bodily habitation. It is the most extraordinary prelude to the peak experience of motherhood – and that is giving birth. I enjoyed being pregnant with both of my children and being their mother is sheer joy.”

“My son contracted German Measles (Rubella) when he was 14 months old and I was pregnant with Bayley at the time. The doctor advised I terminate the pregnancy because of the high risk of deformity in the unborn child. I chose to trust God and go through to full term despite many frowns and voices that said otherwise. Bayley is a beautiful, intelligent, competent, glorious human being.”


“I furthermore made the decision not to give up my career when I had children, but to rather create an environment to work from home. I have never for a moment regretted that decision. Motherhood is a privilege and I would do it all over again – just not at this age!”

For more visit www.angeliquedutoit.co.za.

*My interview with Angelique also features in the Autumn 2018 issue of The Christian Lifestyle Magazine.

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